Turning fossil fuel power plants into clean energy storage

E2S Power offers a cost-effective and easy to integrate solution for transforming fossil fuel power stations into flexible thermal storage systems for renewable energy.

This ‘drop-in’ solution feeds into the plant’s steam turbine generators – which remain in place – with steam at the exact same conditions and flow rates that the boiler would have provided.  Our modular design can be easily scaled up and can be adapted to different power plant layouts. Our unique advantages include lower overall cost by using existing infrastructure, longer life, consistent performance and smaller footprint.

I have to say that the E2S concept of storage in my opinion is one of the best ideas seen lately, especially because it is utilizing existing equipment, which would otherwise remain unused. And also the traveling wave idea is brilliant to control the output temperature with minimal loss and without any »active« equipment.

Igor Flajs

Maintenance Manager, Brestanica Power Plant