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E2S Power AGE2S Power AG

Brings the utility scale energy storage product to transform coal and oil fired power plants into fossil-free clean energy


E2S Power will offer a cost-effective and easy to operate replacement for boilers (or HRSGs) of existing thermal power plants, turning a fossil fuel power station into a thermal storage system for renewable energy. This ‘drop-in’ solution will be able to feed the plant’s turbo-generator sets – which remain in place – with steam at the exact same conditions and flow rates that the boiler would have provided. Moreover, it employs a modular design in order to simplify adaptation to a variety of power plant sizes and layouts. E2S has developed proprietary technology (patents pending) concerning several of the key components, the overall system design, and the electrical balance of plant. Moreover, E2S has a unique advantage over other thermal storage concepts through the exclusive use of a novel thermal storage material called Miscibility Gap Alloys (MGA). 

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