Our Product

Our primary product is a novel energy collector, TWEST, which constitutes the building block at the heart of our power plant conversion solution. TWEST is a standardized module of about the size of a typical shipping container, a number of this modules will be combined to match the required storage capacity of a project. The modular design enables both, minimizing investment cost and maximizing adaptability to a variety of power-plant sizes and configurations. Like the boiler they replace, TWEST modules are integrated into the water-steam cycle between feed water pumps and turbine system.

Upon charging, each TWEST module converts surplus electrical energy into heat using novel storage materials developed by our Australian partners MGA Thermal. At discharge, the system returns the stored energy in the form of superheated steam running a plant’s legacy steam turbines and generators. Our design enables less than one hour charging time to reach the full storage capacity; near 100% conversion of electricity to heat; and very high thermal capacity enabling utility scale storage fitting into existing power plant plots. Thanks to these advantages, our solution will be among the very best offerings in terms of levelized cost of storage.