E2S Power and SNC-Lavalin Announce Collaboration to Convert Fossil-Fueled Power Stations into Clean Energy Storage Facilities

E2S Power, a leading developer of thermal energy storage solutions, and SNC-Lavalin, a global, fully integrated professional services and project management company, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaboratively explore potentially converting end-of-life-cycle fossil fuel-fired power plants into clean energy facilities by deploying utility-scale thermal energy storage solutions.

Thermal energy storage, production of CO2 free electricity in thermal power plants

E2S Power, a joint venture between Swiss SS&A Power Group and German company WIKA, presented the innovative thermal energy storage TWESTTM, which provides a solution for intermittent production from renewable energy sources and conversion of thermal power plants to CO2 free operation. The E2S Power thermal energy storage technology has been validated in the E2S demonstration facility in Belgrade and enables the transformation of the coal power plants into green energy storage facilities and producers of CO2 free electricity.