About Us

E2S Power AG was incorporated as a joint venture between SS&A Power Development and WIKA Group, a global leader in the field of measurements technology. The purpose of the company is to develop and implement thermal energy storage with a major focus on retrofitting and repurposing existing coal fired plants.

Our solution is based on a concept to utilize most of the infrastructure of coal fired plants and turn them into fossil-fuel free energy storage plants. For this we developed a technology that converts surplus electrical energy into heat using novel storage materials developed by our Australian partners MGA Thermal and, then returns that stored energy in a form of superheated steam running existing steam turbines and generators. This technology is superior compared to existing solutions enabling super-fast charging of the system, near to 100% conversion of electricity to heat and very high storage capacity enabling utility scale storage fitting into existing power plant plots, and moreover offering the lowest levelized cost of storing electricity.

E2S Power thermal energy storage technology is using innovative concept of electrical charging based on direct resistive heating of the storage modules, which enables utilization of AC current, with voltage and current levels identical to those at generator terminals. In this way the amount of necessary additional electrical equipment is minimized and, additional frequency converters/inverters or AC/DC converters can be avoided. Utilization of this charging system enables rapid charging, with less than one hour charging time to reach the full storage capacity.

We’re currently designing, building and testing a lab-size demonstrator. In the next stage, we will be building a pilot unit for full-scale validation of our product in the field.