Mission & Vision

Climate change is one of the biggest threats that our civilization faces today. The power generation industry was – and still is – one of the major contributors to anthropogenic global warming. As professionals in the power industry, it is our major responsibility to develop solutions which will neutralize our impact on the environment. 



Our mission at E2S Power is developing technologies that can make key contributions to drastically reducing carbon emissions in the power sector. The Introduction of utility scale energy storage solutions will enable greater utilization factors of renewable energy, thus reducing the need for thermal power generation in baseload or backup operation. Eventually, the smart combination of renewables and energy storage will allow a secure, cost-effective and carbon-free supply of electricity.


E2S Power’s vision is to turn the world’s existing power plants into large-scale thermal storage systems for electrical energy. Together with batteries for frequency response applications and a chemical energy carrier for seasonal load shift, these converted plants will provide the capacity required for balancing demand and supply in the fully-renewable future energy system. Giving legacy thermal power plants a second life is also a contribution to reusing valuable infrastructure.